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Michele is a contemporary jeweller who combines silver and her own batik fabric. Inspired by the urban environment Michele has always been fascinated with textures and marks found on walls, pavements, and surfaces. Having initially studied stitched textiles; Michele then went on to study silversmithing and jewellery.


The “Urban Surface” collection is inspired by the urban environment; textures and shapes of the stonework and concrete world we live in; and draws on the marks and textures created over time through

decay and age.


The irregular shapes of her jewellery have evolved from urban stonework. The gap within each setting is a direct interpretation of the space between the stones.

The tabs for holding the fabric in the setting are intentionally visible: emulating the claws on a precious stone setting and serves to elevate the fabric to a precious status.


The fabric contained within each piece is developed from the beautiful miniscule details and markings on stone surfaces, such as moss, lichen and erosion, which usually go by unnoticed.


The collection includes a range of wearable pieces: earrings, pendants, cufflinks and brooches. Michele’s colour palette is drawn from her inspiration.


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